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Megacentro Enea

Santiago · 2016-2017

Megacentro Enea is a 37,600 sqm industrial distribution centre for commercial-sized vehicles. The design concept considered the vastness of the space and the scale of the architecture. The design was inspired by the colours present in the siding of the shed. The distinct colour striped pattern gives character to this industrial space and enables information areas such as platforms, administration and the canteen to stand out, improving the navigation through the compound.
I was involved throughout the entire project, from the design proposal to the supervision of the implementation. It involved liaising with both the
client and the supplier.

This project was developed at Wayfinding Consultores ( together with Pamela Sthandier.

This project won at the “Information Design” category,
the CHD 2019 (Chile Diseño Awards). 



CHD 2019

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