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Corporate Identity Manual for the
University Library of the TU and UdK Berlin

Berlin · 2018-2019

After designing the wayfinding system for the Universities Central Library,
I was also commissioned to design a corporate identity manual that unifies
all the graphics of this institution applied to the two libraries of different universities: the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) and the University of the Arts of Berlin (UdK).  This involved designing and creating standards for all communication including posters, instructions, brochures, stationery, forms. It also included digital communication and presentation templates. The design of the Corporate Identity Manual was minimalist, inclusive, clean and modern whilst adhering to the institution principles, replacing the previously cluttered information design. I avoided using photographs and instead designed a set of pictograms to enable increased visibility and recognition especially from a distance. Another important aspect of the strategy was systematising the use of bilingual information on several items.

Freelance designer for the Library of the TU Berlin
(Technische Universität) and UdK (Universität der Künste).

Pictogram set
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