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Open Kennedy Shopping Centre

Santiago · 2018-2019

The brief was to design a modern and sophisticated wayfinding system for the 140,000 sqm Open Kennedy shopping centre. A neutral and elegant colour palette was used in the mall interior for a clean and simple layout. The signs included curved and straight corners, a feature that was carried through across the pictogram designs and typography.
In the parking area, the conceptual proposal was inspired by the different landscapes of Chile, linking each parking level with a predominant colour and a landscape to make it easy to remember and deliver a memorable experience for visitors. The greatest challenge was to show the parking mezzanines which do not coincide with the levels of the mall. The strategy used was a numbering system with fractions.
I was involved throughout the entire design process, from developing the conceptual proposal to overseeing the project implementation and liaising with both the client and the supplier.


This project was developed at Wayfinding Consultores ( together with Daniela Brandi and Pamela Sthandier.

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