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Literary Map Visual Identity

Santiago · 2011-2015

Literary Map was an emotive project, that I created for my bachelor’s Dissertation Project. It was awarded $18,000 in Chilean Culture Ministry funds for its implementation and it later became a foundation.

The project connected the city of Santiago with quotes from books that refer to specific spots of it. In a web platform, people were invited to collaborate by adding their quotes which were later used to articulate literary tours around the city. We organised lectures and contest to promote the project. Several tours were made open to the public, not only in Santiago but also it also expanded to other cities of Chile, such as Valparaiso, Concepción or Antofagasta. For the tours, a brochure with the map and the quotes was given to the assistants.

I was the founder, director and designer of this project. This considered creating a visual identity for the institution that would be used in digital and printed media, such as stationery, branding elements (postcards, t-shirts, banners) and social media.

Visual Identity Development
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