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Open La Calera Shopping Centre

La Calera · 2018-2019

A Wayfinding System was designed for the Open Shopping Centre
(50.000 sqm), located in the city of La Calera, V Region, Chile. This system reflects the values ​​of the Open brand; close, citizen and local. For this reason, a system of interventions was designed that reflects the local identity of La Calera, through the use of patterns inspired by the natural environment: the Aconcagua river and the Cal quarries. These concepts were used to sectorize the 2 levels of parking, assigning a color and a texture to each one. Environmental graphics were used in order to enhance the orientation of the clients. The typeface used in the project is Lato, which has hybrid strokes, which combine curved and straight endings. A set of pictograms that include this gesture was designed. This duality is also reflected in the support system, which also combines right angles and curves.
My role within this project was mostly in the initial phase of this: development of design and strategy proposal, content survey and signal positioning.


This project was developed at Wayfinding Consultores ( together with Daniela Brandi and Pamela Sthandier.

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