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Parque Arauco Shopping Centre I

Santiago · 2012-2013



This project sought to improve the wayfinding system of the Parque Arauco Kennedy Shopping Centre. For the interior, the challenge was to generate a unified wayfinding system, addressing the years of different superimposed graphic languages and elements as a result of spontaneous growth. The focus was on delivering a clean design, free of visual clutter.
The informational designs were applied on pillars and walls; black and white signage were chosen to convey visual sophistication. Directional information was incorporated and the access areas were highlighted to guide visitors to the different entrances to the mall. An extensive family of pictograms were also designed reflecting the client’s brand values and identity. Its application was extended to Parque Arauco’s marketing department. 

I was the junior designer within this project and my role involved schematic designs, design development and presentations.

This project was developed at Wayfinding Consultores ( together with José Manuel Allard, Valentina Contreras, Tomás de Iruarrizaga, Rodrigo Mora, Pamela Sthandier and Carola Zurob.

This project won several awards in the year 2017:
CHD Awards, CLAP Awards and IGDEA International Graphic Design Awards.

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